Since its establishment in1994, Meera Investments' reputation has been built on it's innovative ideas, particularly in property development and construction throughout Kampala, Uganda. the company embraces effective and efficient solutions in all aspects of property development from design to nish, to achieve maximum usage and productivity.
Kampala Boulevard is Meera Investments' award-winning mixed-use development on Kampala Road, opposite the Bank of Uganda. It has 10 floors with two basement levels containing parking for 140 cars. A stylish granite nish has been placed in the building from the front of the building to the floor of the building.
The building houses apartments at the top with commercial space below and includes elevators, two of which There is a state-of the-art lighting system with a smoke detector on all levels as well as CTV surveillance cameras and a control room for manning the 24/7 security watch.
Fire and smoke sensor cover the whole parking lot and an actively water systems to begin to combat the flames before the fire fighters arrive to the scene.
The whole building is also energy efficient with the use of high quality LED bulbs and solar water heating systems.

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