Banda warehouses offer the most sophisticated storage solution in the warehousing industry in Kampala. It’s very accessible to the main road for easy transportation. Located within the city of Kampala, Banda warehouses come with 3 Phase power, minimum height of 6 meters and 24 hour general security.

The warehouses are very easy to access because they lie along the major Kampala Jinja highway, which makes it easy for transportation. In terms of proximity, the facility is located 5km from the Central Business District (CBD). The facility offers hundreds of square meters of storage space per unit with enough space for offloading materials.

Features and Benefits:

  • 3 phase power connected at all warehouses
  • Abundant parking for staff and visitors
  • Multiple driveways provide easy access for truck and heavy machinery
  • Plenty of truck turning area for either parking or storage
  • The warehouses are in different size for all your needs